Yorkshire Archery Association Clout 19 April 2015 Success For AOER Archers

Yorkshire Archery Association Senior & Junior Clout Championships held on April 19th 2015 at Hutton Cranswick Sports Field, Driffield.

Weather was Cool, Clear with a strong variable breeze giving rise to difficult shooting conditions

A fantastic days shooting held at Cranswick saw some great shooting from AOER Members. We now have the Yorkshire Gent Barebow Champion and the Second Placed Gent Barebow at our Club. Jon Joyce Yorkshire Champion and Stuart Hall Second Placed.

A deserved well done to them both

In the Junior Boys (U12) Barebow we have the Second Place with Daniel Hall. Well done to Daniel.

Jon Joyce             Hits 51 Score 122 Clouts 2

Sturat Hall          Hits 58 Score 120 Clouts 3

Daniel Hall         Hits 40 Score 92 clouts 0

Placings Gents Barebow

Mike Jackson        11

Paul Pybus            12

John Jackson        14

David Perkins       16

Geoff Trotter         17

Placings Gents Longbow

Freddy Fairefield  7

Trevor Astley         8

A number of Tassels were awarded to AOER Members.

Stuart Hall                                     Black

Mike Jackson and Paul Pybus   White.