Great E Mail From 720 Competitor

E mail thread from a competitor at the recent 720 at AOER. A great credit to our club

Dear David, (Reaney)

I hope you are well and not too tired from the weekends shoot.

Just a wee note to thank you all so very much for being so amazingly wonderful to me this weekend! I cannot thank you all enough!

Could you pass my appreciation on the Mike, Aaron and the elderly gent [beard] who helped me with my arrow collecting and support! They were absolutely brilliant!! You’ve got a fantastic club and I can see it growing in the future because of all of your amazing nature!

I am so sorry I could not stay until the end and did pass my apologies on through Mike. I have a five hour journey home and work the next day so needed to get off as early as possible.

Thank you again for a fab day and will hopefully see you all again in the future.

All the very best.

Kindest Regards

Amanda George Aff.STEP
Managing Director

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Hi Amanda,

Hope you had a good Journey home.

Thank you for the E-mail very kind of you to say such kind words I have passed it on to club members.The man with the beard is Chicken John .Do you mind if we put you kind comments on our website ?




Hi Carole,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Thank ‘Chicken John’ for me too!!

You were all fantastic and by all means, pop it in your website.

Could you thank Penny for me too. Thanks again.

Kindest Regards

Amanda George
Managing Director
Professional Will Planning Limited