Sprout Clout 2017

After our first “Sprout Clout” last year, we hope members will attend the 2017 Sprout Clout, Saturday December 30th 2017 at the field. Like last year there will be sprouts galore to win……bet you cant wait. There will be three distances, male, female and junior. For anyone who may not know, instead of a flag we attach a stalk of sprouts to the clout pole . And if that is not enough excitement, sprouts are randomly scattered within the circle, all for the winning. More details to follow...

AOER Christmas Meal 2017

Just a reminder that money £24 per person and menu choice have to be in to us by Friday 17th November 2017. Please see e mails giving more details.


Paul Jones travelled on Sunday 19th March to Green Lane Archers indoor competition at Newbiggin on the Sea finishing 3rd. The round, shot in memory of green lane founder member Albert Crouth, was a Stafford round, 6 dozen arrows at 30 meters.

Beginners Course

The next beginners course will be held in June. Interested parties please email enquiries@aoer.co.uk

Dates for Indoors

Thursday 16th March:- Portsmouth round Tuesday 28th March:- Worcester round Wednesday 29th March:- Coaching session with Martin Holtby Thursday 30th March:- Last night of indoors

Great E Mail From 720 Competitor

E mail thread from a competitor at the recent 720 at AOER. A great credit to our club Dear David, (Reaney) I hope you are well and not too tired from the weekends shoot. Just a wee note to thank you all so very much for being so amazingly wonderful to me this weekend! I cannot thank you all enough! Could you pass my appreciation on the Mike, Aaron and the elderly gent [beard] who helped me with my arrow collecting and support! They were absolutely brilliant!! You’ve got a fantastic club and I can see it growing in the future because of all of your amazing nature! I am so sorry I could not stay until the end and did pass my apologies on through Mike. I have a five hour journey home and work the next day so needed to get off as early as possible. Thank you again for a fab day and will hopefully see you all again in the future. All the very best. Kindest Regards Amanda George Aff.STEP Managing Director STEP logo Hi Amanda, Hope you had a good Journey home. Thank you for the E-mail very kind of you to say such kind words I have passed it on to club members.The man with the beard is Chicken John .Do you mind if we put you kind comments on our website ? Regards Carole   Hi Carole, Thanks for getting back to me. Thank ‘Chicken John’ for me too!! You were all fantastic and by all means, pop it in your website. Could you thank Penny for me too. Thanks again. Kindest...

Inaugural WA 720 Tournament AOER Sunday 27 Sept

ARCHERS OF EAST RIDING TO HOST THEIR BIGGEST TOURNAMENT SO FAR. Get ready for a great days Archery at Hutton Cranswick the home of Archers of East Riding. Sunday 27th September see’s our inaugural World Archery 720 round and Head to Head competition. Up to 64 Archers from all over the country will take part in a 70 metre ranking round and then pit themselves against each other with a head to head elimination leaving one archer victorious. The action starts at 9.00 in the morning and will carry on for the rest of the day, spectators are welcome and Archers from the club will be on hand to answer any questions and give commentary on the action as it takes place. Everyone is welcome, there is no charge for entrance with refreshments being available for most of the day. For further information and our location, please visit www.archersofeastriding.co.uk...

Yorkshire Selection Success For AOER Juniors and Seniors

Great news about the recent Yorkshire Selections for both Junior and Senior Members Wishing you all good luck and enjoyment For 2015, the event will be hosted by Yorkshire, and will be held on Saturday 3 October 2015, hosted by the Archers of East Riding at Driffield. Soph, Ed, Dan and Niamh have been selected to represent Yorkshire , Jess has just missed out but she is reserve so fingers crossed she might make it as well Seniors Penny Mowforth Ladies Longbow and Tom Mowforth Mens Recurve Well done and congratulations to you all...

Success At Burton Constable 2015

David Reaney Leads from the Front with Four-Trophy Success At Burton Constable Shoot   Sunday 2nd August 2015, Archers of East Riding hit the road again to take part in the Annual East Riding Invitation Competition hosted by Burton Constable Company of Bowmen. With a good turn out from both juniors and seniors and quite favourable weather, hopes of a good trophy haul were high. Shooting an American round comprising of 2.5 dozen arrows each at 60, 50 and 40 yards the seniors certainly performed well, especially David Reaney with quadruple success. Not to be out done the juniors performed equally as well shooting Western rounds according to age, with Niamh Titchener achieving a County Record score. Archers of East Riding Results: Seniors 1st Gent Recurve                                                       David Reaney 1st Recurve Team                                                     David Reaney, Peter Brock, Paul Jones and Stuart Hall Highest score for Veterans                                     David Reaney Highest score Husband and Wife Team              Carole and David Reaney (again!) Juniors 1st Under 12—Recurve Lady                                  Niamh Titchener 1st Under 12— Recurve Gent                                 Daniel Hall 1st Under 14— Recurve Lady                                 Jessica Hall 1st Under 16— Recurve Gent                                 Edward Wallace 1st Under 18—Recurve Lady                                  Sophie Joyce 1st Under 18—Recurve Gent                              ...
Junior National Outdoor Archery Championships 2015

Junior National Outdoor Archery Championships 2015

Sophie Joyce, Niamh Titchener and Ed Wallace all of Archers of East Riding Juniors travelled to Lilleshall last weekend to compete in the Junior National Outdoor Championships hosted by Archery GB. The weather might have interrupted proceedings especially on the Sunday with thunder storms and lightening but it could not affect the high quality of the shooting. With 70 targets and over 250 Archers this was by far the biggest tournament our junior Archers had taken part in. Shooting Fita rounds on Saturday and Bristol rounds on the Sunday with distances of 60 metres for Sophie and Ed and 30 metres for Niamh, distance dependent on age. All performed very well attaining creditable scores and finishing positions against some very experienced Archers from all over the country. Our junior archers will be submitting their scores taken from Fita or Bristol tournaments this year with the hope of being selected to represent Yorkshire in the upcoming Five Counties Tournament to be hosted by Archers of East Riding in October, their performance at Lilleshall will certainly help toward that goal. For further information on getting in to Archery please see our website...